WebCenter is a web application for browser based soft-proofing. WebCenter may be integrated with existing pre-press systems such as InfraLogic ControlCenter, PDFHUB or other pre-press workflow systems.

If WebCenter is part of ControlCenter the web broweser interface allows inspection of device status, press run progress and other status information

The latest version of WebCenter allows customers to add page plans as well as upload PDF documents to the system way ahead of production time. This allows very early page release, RIP’ing and approval.

When the production is scheduled for print, the operator at the press end will apply a press plan to the page plan e.g. for doing page pairing.

Product highlights

   Softproof generation from ripped bitmaps or PDF files with ICC profiling

   Tight integration for page release control with InfraLogic ControlCenter

   Integrated image zoomer allows views of color or separated images

   User management system restricting customer’s access to own files only

   Planning tool for creating page plans with number of pages, colors and sections.

   E-mail alert system on page reject actions

   Tested on Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, Mac OSX Safari and Microsoft Edge browsers

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