InfraLogic RIP, Preflight and Color Servers

InfraLogic distributes RIPs, PDF Preflight solutions and color optimization systems from well-known suppliers in the industry. For optimal production safety and overview the third party modules can be integrated into the ControlCenter workflow solutions. This allows centralized job tracking and control and can visualize potential problems to users through our WebCenter portal.

Xitron Postscript RIPs

Xitron delivers Harlequin based RIPs for rasterization of PS, EPS, PDF and PDF/X files (Navigator RIP). A number of options for the RIP exist, e-g- In-RIP ICC processing, In-RIP trapping og various screening libraries e.g. for Micro-screening and stocastic screening. Multiple RIPs can be controlled automatically with the  RipControl module.

InfraLogic PDF Preflight and Fix-up Server

InfraLogic is OEM partner for callas software developing cost efficient PDF validation solution for check and fix-up of PDF files. Typical checks involves detection of illegal color spaces, font-problems, low-res images and problems related to transparences and overprint. InfraLogic/callas PDF-processing modules are tightly integrated with the main ControlCenter system. Automated product-specific processing rules can be set up, e.g. for handling cold set and heat set differently. Preflight results can be inspected by the customer directly via the browser interface.

InfraLogic Color Convert Server (InkSave)GCR

InfraLogic/callas color convert server is a cost efficient color server for color separation and harmonization of PDF files using ICC-profile processing. Typical usage involve processing of CMYK-to-CMYK DeviceLink profiles for ink saving and print condition stability. Ink saving may be performed using build-in ready-to-use profiles or using custom made Device-Link profiles.
The color server also allows auto-sharpening, flattening and general per-color dotgain compensation curves .

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