CCResampler Fanout

Digital bitmap scaling

CCresampler is a high performance 1-bit image scaling unit used for manipulating ripped plate files prior to imaging. The scaling feature allows independent X/Y scaling to allow ‘stretching’ of plate images in one direction for fan-out compensation purposes. The engine performs scaling with different factors for the individual colors.

CCresampler can also do resolution change of 1-bti TIFFs, allowing conversion of incoming 1-bit TIFFs to the CTP resoultion.

CCresampler can be tightly integrated in ControlCenter for advanced tower and paper specific fan-out compensation (based on the production plans) and online status reporting.

Also CCresampler can be installed as stand-alone unit where fan-out settings can be deducted from file name recognizion. This allows product specific fan-out compensation (typically different setting for cold/heat-set printing).

Product highlights

   May run as stand-alone application and as integrated part of ControlCenter Enterprise or Professional

   X/Y-indipendent 1-bit image scaling

   Scaling reference can be centered (typical for panorama plates) or left/right plate edge (broadsheet plates)

   Hot-folder based operation

   Multiple fan out settings automatically selected from ControlCenter production plan or file name recognizion.

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