Ink preset zone generator

InkCenter is a ink zone calculator with interfaces to industry standard press control systems. Copies of final plate bitmap files (1-bit TIFF) are analyzed according to configuration settings and CIP3 or native format ink zone files are generated and sent to the press control system.

The Enterprise version of InkCenter offers visualization of sheets using soft-proof clients in the press-room. The incoming bitmap separations will be combined to color and an ICC-profile or color transfer function will be applied to the images to emulate the colors of the printed result.

Product highlights

   May run as stand-alone application and as integrated part of ControlCenter Enterprise or Professional

   Supports a variety of native ink formats including EAE, Honeywell Printa, ABB MPS, TKS, PlantView etc.

   CIP3 generation as combined flats, combined colors or separated

   Enterprise-version offers color-matched soft-proofs of sheets in the pressroom via PC-clients. The clients have a navigations-tree menu with all live products available

   Optional print-out of ink bar chart

   Configuration parameters includes number of zones, gutter zone handling and zone offsets

   Linearization of zone data on per-color basis

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