Printing Production Management

Always ensure an accurate and updated status of the current production run, from start to end.

Employees throughout the production process will have the full overview of the correct information where they are needed and ensure that changes immediately reaches out to the appropriate people. Collection and management of all information related to printing jobs for offset and/or sheet-feed press companies.

PPM will provide the fully updated overview of printing and packaging so that all tasks are timely scheduled with the correct content. PPM highlight potential bottlenecks and delays for the operators so conflicts can be detected and resolved. Often seen problems may relate to missing continuity between sub-tasks, missing inserts, wrong quantities, pile overweight etc.

The system ensures that on-screen information is always up to date, validated and clear for the individual departments such as pre-press, press and mail-room. All production data can be fetched automatically from existing systems using the PPM Integration Tool including product data such as page count, circulation, deadlines for received content and delivery etc. If data is unavailable from existing sources, it can be entered manually or can be generated using patterns of publication and other rules. Packaging data is created from customer orders and will include calculated quantity and sizes of batches and pallets based on rules about physical size and weight limits. Top sheets/skid tags can be generated automatically for correct addressing and delivery.

The system is module-based so the solution can be adapted to present and future demands. Apart from the main module, InfraLogic offers modules for inventory control for consumables, customer quotations, pallet registration and management of service and maintenance. The system can be integrated with the InfraLogic pre-press workflow system ControlCenter for realtime interchange of planning and production data.


Continuous visualization of updated production status
Customizable and filtered overviews for each department so that only the relevant information is shown.
Will catch mistakes such as missing inserts, changed page count, changed circulation and illegal pallet sizes and weights.
Integration with existing planning systems
Gantt-charts showing tasks related to the individual departments. This will visualize potential un-utilized printing ‘gaps’.
Generation of reports for the individual productions including statistics for consumables.
Automatic printout of top sheets/pallet tags using existing or customizable templates.
‘Bulletin-board’ showing notes and images typically used on overview monitors.
Takes into account public and special holydays.
Integrates with InfraLogic ControlCenter workflow

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