Publishing Automation

InfraLogic has many years of experience in automating processes in the publishing and printing industry. Our company mission is to deliver easy-to-use rock-solid production systems to highly mission-critical environments like deadline-oriented newspaper and magazine production

ControlCenter Suite

ControlCenter is our main suite of applications for planning, automation and control of pre-press back-ends. The highly scalable system will control local as well as distributed pre-press back-ends with multiple print plant.

Take control of your pre-press!

ControlCenter allows centralized visual control of all processes such as ripping, proofing, distribution and plate output. This ensures optimal utilization of production resources and allows quick response in case of edition plan changes and emergency situations.

Plan for success!

The planning tools in ControlCenter is based on many years of experience in publiction planning learned from some of the most demanding newspapers worldwide. Press plans are easily made and put in action even for highly zoned newspaper products printed on multiple presses simultaneously. The system will automatically calculate the optimal plate production sequence based on plate copy calculation.


ControlCenter has a build-in bitmap and PDF imposition, page or flat proofing and optional ink preset calculation. Based on defined approval checkpoints, the system will automatically distribute and impose according to the press plans – eg. page pairs, quaterfold tabloids or 8-up maganize sheets.

Eliminate problems!

The main philosophy is ‘late binding’ of pages to full plates. This allows single pages to be closed, ripped and distributed prior to imposition. Also it allows plan changes to be applied with the minimum plate and time waste. A closed and approved page will never fail to output close to press start where plate production typically stacks up. In deadline critical production it is very important to be able to separate page closure from output generation.


Check our reference list. We have implemented ControlCenter at many places, ranging from single press local sites to nationwide printing networks

Reference list in PDF

About Infralogic in PDF

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